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Monday, 22 October 2007

Staff Wishlist - Programmes on offer

Here are the staff ideas relating to our wishes for the displays in the Physical Environment. Items in red and bold are seen as immediate needs. Blue are short term and green are longer term wishes.
  • Eager reading continued
  • Extension writing – for top writers
  • Teacher Induction
  • Students performing – poetry, reading, slideshows, published work
  • Information, research skills – programmes
  • Librarian training – progression of skills to teach kids as librarians
  • Reading, love of books, silent reading, reading to children.
  • Children having access to being able to research – inquiries etc
  • Classroom library time – children issuing books, read aloud.
  • Parent workshops with Desna eg what are boys reading now, how do I help my child with homework research, Books you can read and enjoy with your child (Q & A’s)
  • Theatresports – with puppet shows.
  • Team meetings held in the library – ability to utilise resources immediately/ teachers become familiar with resources in the library.
  • Writer’s workshops – adult running sessions
  • Visiting story tellers/authors etc
  • Poetry recitals
  • Someone to help teach library skills, progressions throughout year groups. Workshops offered of skills (2 or 3 kids per class can attend – then they can teach the rest of the class)
  • Lunchtimes – tapes of books playing or an adult or child reading aloud – advertised in daily notices
  • Quiet area for study/ individual booths.
  • Quiet area to play games, chess etc
  • Links/trips to public library – it is so close!
  • Cluster groups – running professional development for other teachers
  • Teacher professional development on info lit
  • Radio station – kids broadcasting
  • FOS news – broadcasting to the internet


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