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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Staff Feedback on FOS Library

Here is a summary of staff feedback on the current library at Fendalton School. 

  • Shelving caters well.
  • Heaps of resources for kids and teachers.
  • More comfortable cushions, etc. now.
  • System for issuing seems better (less stressful to use).
  • Desna – knowledge, initiative, passion, how she spends time with individuals and shares this back with others. Thinking ahead all the time.
  • Variety of seating beanbags, chairs.
  • Personnel on hand, Desna helpful when asked for advise.
  • People display.
  • High quality and quantity of books.
  • Vibrant colours.
  • Open and well used at lunchtimes.
  • Variety of things for students to do eg games.

  • Not enough natural lighting (eg. skylights). People to walk past and want to go in.
  • Layout isn’t friendly.
  • Library can be ‘booked up’ which can make it inflexible for impromptu visits.
  • Heating.
  • Resources going out without issue is an ongoing problem.
  • Working area for Desna to process books.
  • Not a very physically obvious part of the school (eg. location, front door).
  • Very little room for displays.
  • It is an old building (a ‘box’).
  • Needs more light.
  • Nowhere to put wet shoes on wet day.
  • Hard for more than one class to use resources.
  • Not user friendly.
  • Shelves not moveable.
  • Students need access to modern equipment eg laptops.
  • It is a book place.

Delta (Change):
  • At least 1:6 ratio of people: computers.
  • More flexible space (eg. sunken area which can isolate kids reading from a class that visits, etc.).
  • Specific teaching of research skills – freeing up staff to do this.
  • Employing someone else to help Desna (eg. administration tasks, etc.).
  • Putting different types of resources/learning into different types of spaces (eg. a ‘snugly place’, a podcasting place,
  • Mezzanine floor for teacher resources.
  • Café/coffee maker.
  • Parent reading material/area.
  • Little alcoves to sit and think.
  • Pit or corner to sit with class.
  • Juniors & middle book areas segregated to lesson the searching for different topics, ie. all the fiction and non-fiction for juniors in one area instead of all over the library intermixed with senior books.
  • Classes rostered in to do displays.
  • Big books and Big poem cards to be hung up and labelled for easy access.
  • Magnetic stories.
  • Whiteboard for questioning sessions.
  • Puppets shows and books to share with class, month about, etc.
  • Photocopier for teachers to use at time.
  • Computers in library and accessible.
  • Couches, shaped cushions.
  • Child based displays, room for displays.
  • Display new books on show but can’t be taken out yet – new releases.
  • Needs to be an integration of books and other information technology.
  • Needs more space, nooks and crannies to accommodate this.
  • Needs to be more cosy, snuggly, an ambience.
  • Would be nice to have different types of learning and resources eg books on tape, books on computers, other sources of info.
  • First language books.
  • We would like Desna more involved with students because of her wealth of knowledge.
  • Would like active facilitation of multiple users doing different things.
  • Computers shifted out of the back space and included in the main library
  • More use at lunchtime.


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