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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Student Feedback -

Results from the student competition.
What I like about the library

Bean bags,
books, variety of books,
table and chairs,
stuffed dolls (hanging from the ceiling),
the reference section,
it's a nice experience
blue dots - separate reading books for junior/senior
you can rest and relax
it's fun to go at lunchtime
renewing system
everything in order
the librarian
so many books to choose from

What I would like to see in the library

outdoor area
more bean bags and cushions
more light
bigger entrance
bigger space
to be open at morning tea
more books
more windows
quiet area
Needs to be squiggly
more shelves
multiple copies of good books
DVD's and videos
PS2 games
Reading pit
Novels to read in a week
More Blue dots
Fish tank
Music playing at lunctime
More posters
Using the website to see what we have

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