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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Positive features of StAC Prep Library

Hi everyone. Here is a summary of the positive features Letesha and I saw at the StAC prep library:
• Beautiful entrance which had lots of art.
• Fantastic use of lighting - different styles, fluorescent bars, panels, pendants
• Lots of natural lighting (slim tall windows, high windows, ranchslider)• Multi-level roof in two different materials
• Separate areas for casual reading and research
• All laptops and other ICT equipment issued by library staff and barcoded
• Large library staff resource area with great big drawers.
• Librarian office had kitchenette area for making lunches, small catering
• Staff worked through lunchtime, were available to assist students
• Multi-leveled bench for issuing/returns (seat level and standing level)
• Returns box which was spring-loaded so height adjusts when there are more books in it.
• Enough seating for whole class
• AV/datashow on wheels ready for use stayed in library
• Room for two classes to work at a time
• Bench with 10 computers for searching, internet etc
• Semi-moveable shelving (were quite heavy)
• Shelving with spine out and face out shelves


Blogger Miss Campbell said...

The areas were well separated for casual library browsing and/or searching/researching.
The library was also set-out well so that a teacher could view all areas of the library easily.
The printer in the library was positioned for students to aeasily access and was connected to the library computers aswell as classroom computers. (It was being used by students with permission, and a good solution rather than using a teacher photocopier).

18 October 2007 at 11:18  

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