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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Staff Wishlist - Physical Environment - Design

Here are the staff ideas relating to our wishes for the design of the Physical Environment. Items in red and bold are seen as immediate needs. Blue are short term and green are longer term wishes.

Location of the building and its entrance in relation to the classroom

Plants and greenery
Calming coloured carpet and walls
Moveable shelving/partitions so we can make and break spaces
Area for wet shoes eg foyer with cubbyholes
After hours return slot
Lots and lots and lots of snugly cusions@!
New Furniture – armchairs, couches, nooks and crannies
Computer suite/ computers inside library and accessible to library ( not hidden in another room)
Small tiered seating outside for 1 class/ reading pit
Outdoor seating – doors open onto decking and little benches (enclosed and rooved so all season use
Separate workroom for librarians
A foyer for displays
Sliding doors/ variable space
Sloped ceiling for displays
Separate work space for Desna away from the children


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