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Thursday, 18 October 2007

New ESOL space features

These are some of the things I feel need to be included in a new ESOL teaching space that we DO NOT currently have:
• a warm, welcoming environment that students can visit throughtout the day or parents can access if needing to seek help
• a more inclusive location so that the students are not isolated from the rest of the school
• an environment that is included in the cleaning contract
• natural lighting
• adequate ventilation
• adequate heating/cooling
• adequate space for teaching larger groups, more than one group, all the ESOL students together
• adequate space for practical hands-on activities
• a quieter environment (without jumping beans, dance classes and seniors singing in the same area!!!)
• display boards for sharing student's work
• a noticeboards for communicating with parents
• appropriate sized chairs and tables for students of different ages/heights
• more computers
• access to an air port for computers
• a more reliable phone
• storage cuboards or shelves for teaching resources, books, ESOL boxes
• locked cabinets for storing personal items and assessment data



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