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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Doughnut - Book Review by Yasmin

Characters: The house and forest characters: The old woman and man and doughnut rabbit wolf the bear and fox.



By Yasmin

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Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck - Book Review by Lucy R17

This story is about a boy that hates seeing his Aunty. She is called Aunty Elsie. All the time Andy tries to run away but Aunty Elsie is too quick and Andy is too slow and Aunty Elsie just puts her arms around Andy and kiss on the left cheek and kiss on the right cheek.

“Yuck yuck,” said Andy and they all came the same. Andy just squeezes his eyes and tries to get out but he can’t.

By Lucy

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Not Me!

This is a story about a boy who can’t talk. I like this story. It is cool.

Five stars *****

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Tom and Jerry

The story “Tom and Jerry” is based on a mouse and a cat and a very funny story. Jerry (the mouse) is running away from Tom (the cat) and pulling pranks on Tom. Tom tries to chase Jerry. I like it because it is so funny and so childish.
Rating *****

By Henry

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Star Wars

Star Wars is about space fight. Star Wars is my favourite because I like the light sabers and lasers.

By Taehun

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The Friendly Foal

This book is about a foal that breaks free and breaks into her owner’s house. Then Molly the girl’s dad has to fix the gate.

Five stars *****

By Katie

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Pony Pals

I like this book because they have lots of adventures. The characters are… Lulu Pam Anna Acorn Lightning Snow White Dr. Crandal. These girls have ponies. Dr. Crandal is a vet. In the book I’m reading of this, they’re trying to save a cat.

By Ruby

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Magic Kitten

It’s about a kitten that is magic. It can turn into a lion. It was Christmas when it all happened. He was the prince kitten. His uncle was trying to steal his royalty. His name was Flame.

By Stephanie

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The Lion King

Once there was a story based on 2 lions. Their names were Simber and Nala. It is my favourite book. It is very funny. I give it 5 stars *****

By Jordan

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Fry and Leila and Bender and Professor try to save the planet. Professor asked Fry to find his tools because the spaceship broke down. Then he goes to all dangerous stuff. Then Bender goes to do missions same as Fry did. Professor only does make things. Then one hour later Leila is a cyclops (that means 1 eye) so she fight the temple of doom. Then they teamed up to fight the evil mom!!! But they died but professor got them alive. I liked it when they fight.

By Joshua

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This story is about a wimpy kid’s diary. He gets told off a lot. It’s really funny. My favourite part was when his friend Raly said “if your hand is smaller than your face you’re dum” So he looked, SMACK he hit himself.

Rating: *****

By Keegan

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There is a girl. She name is Cinderella. She lost her dad. Mum and two sister is really bad. Cinderella is really good

Four stars ****

 By Seoyon

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The Incredible Adventures of Wally McDonald

The story is about a boy who was getting into big trouble and prays for help. There are different stories. I read 2 of them and they are the part when Wally meets a big monster and the part when Wally almost got eaten by a crocodile.

Five Stars *****

By David

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How To Train Your Dragon

It’s very very very funny. The chief’s son gets a dragon. He has to train the dragon to become a true member of the tribe.

Rating 5/5

By Nicholas

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Captain Underpants

There are two boys named George and Harold and they hypnotised their principal to be Captain Underpants. I like it because it’s really funny.

By Joseph

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Unicorn School

I like it because it has cute pictures. The pictures looked real. The tears looked real too. The little unicorn was called Willow.

By Sophie

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Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck

Andy hates seeing his aunty. But one day Elsie did not come because she fell off a camel. The next week or the next week to but the next a taxi came then up out came a leg in plaster crutches.

Five Stars *****

By Katherine

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Molly Moon

This is a story about a 9 year old girl who goes to New York and gets rich and about her dog who nearly dies. The characters are Molly rockey Miss Todley, Toodle Ednen and Pifsa Nockmam. And she had to rob a bank and it was Sherlings bank.

Five Stars *****


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Harry potter

The story is about a boy called Harry Potter that was actually a wizard but Harry Potter didn’t know that he was a wizard so Harry thought Hagret made a mistake. Then Harry went on a train to Hogwarts there he met many adventures including a gigantic troll looking for a key hidden by thousands of insects and fighting the philosopher. I like Harry Potter because I like the characters, curses and houses like Griffindor, Ravenclas, Hufflepuff and Sliverine.

Rating: 5 wands!

By Owen

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harry Potter

The story is about a boy called Harry Potter that is a wizard but he d oesn’t know that he is a wizard and his dad is very very mean and Voldermort gave some of his powers to Harry Ptter and he was the best wizard in the school because the teachers and it is awesome so I rate it five stars *****

by tor

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Harry Potter

This book is about a boy who thinks he’s just an ordinary boy but he’s actually a very famouse wizard. Thousands of letters get sent to his aunt and uncle who are muggles (a muggle is a person who is not magic) the letters are about the famous school (for magic people) Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry but his aunt and uncle don’t want him to but the Hogwarts game keeper (for two years) Hagrid says he’s going to go. At Hogwarts there are 4 houses Griffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slitherin. He will have many adventures in his 7 years.

Rating *****

By toby

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Monday, 18 August 2008

Anthony's book review Night Rise

Night Rise is Anthony Horowitz's latest power of five book. Two telepathic twins Scott and Jamie are only performers at a circus up until they start having weird but vivid dreams and most of all finding out they're "one of the five" and embark on a super dangerous quest to stop the evil old ones and meet up with the rest of the five. Anthony keeps this book exciting with humor horror and violence. I recommend this book to the age of 10+. I rate this book 9/10.

By Anthony G

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Monday, 11 August 2008

Groosham Grange by Anthony Howowitz

Groosham Grange is a really good book. It's about a boy called David. David gets expelled from his old school and then he gets sent to Groosham Grange.

At Groosham Grange you only get one day off a year, the French teacher disappears every full moon and new pupils have to sign their names in blood! This book is for kids 10 years old. I rate Groosham Grange 9.5/10

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Claudine At St Clares Book Reveiw by Emma

Claudine At St Clares is a book written by Enid Blyton who is one of my favourite authors. It is a book mainly about Claudine and the twins, Pat and Isabel who are in the fourth form. Claudine goes to St Clares, which is a boarding school, from France which makes her very good at sewing.

Her aunt, Mam'zelle, is the french teacher at St Clares, thinks that Claudine will be very lonely and shy at St Clares but Claudine is quite the opposite. She is very daring, she once locked the Matron in the games closet, with the lacrosse sticks and all that. She hates and detests water but she let herself fall in to soak and punish a mother who offended Mam'zelle and looked down at St Clares.

Claudine doesn't care what she does really so she often gets in trouble. She loves doing sewing and getting out of games and usually the punishments are something to do with laundry and not getting to swim or play tennis.

When Claudine locks the Matron in the cupboard she gets out of games for a week! Pat and Isabel also have to help the other 3 new girls settle down.

Claudine At St Clares is quite an exciting book and I give it 10/10

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The Many Adventures Of Tom Sawyer By Julius

The many adventures of Tom Sawyer is a popular book first published in 1879. I enjoy this book because it was made about 100 years ago and the character says things like "this bible must have at least cost 6 cents!" It gets interesting when the author introduced a character which was a slave boy. It is a bit hard to understand because of the language they used. Other than that it is a great story.

Verdict: 4.99999999/5

This book review is by Julius.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Book week

Week five is book week. A week full of activities, reading, competitions and heaps of fun. Don't forget your chance to dress up as a character from your favourite book. We will be selling books in the library so save up your pocket money and choose from hundreds of different titles. It's a great chance to stock up on those Christmas presents too. See you there!

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