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Monday, 9 June 2008

ESOL Non-Fiction Books (Macmillan Outlook series)

These resources are most suitable for Year 2-4 students.
The books are barcoded as a set of six titles.
They are for teacher issue only.

- Grandparents
- Looking after each other
- Special places
- Working and playing together
- Growing
- Different families

Celebrations (Two copies of this set)
- Names
- Birthdays
- Weddings
- Happy New Year
- Mother’s Day
- Festivals

Local Resources
- Our fete
- Hamburgers
- My chair
- People who help us
- At work
- Our library

- City schools
- Country schools
- Schools around the world
- Saturday school
- Hospital school
- Schools at home

- Neighbourhood shops
- At the supermarket
- Shopping centres
- To market, to market
- Recycle shops
- Fixing things

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